April 18, 2010

Dhammapadaya consists of  423 verses. Each verse in Dhammapada was originally spoken by the blessed one in response to a particular incident

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The Dhammapada verses are chanted on these tracks by Most Venerable Nauyane Ariyadhamma Maha Swaminwahanse and the Sinhala Verses are sung by Pinwath Indiwari Abeywardena Upasika.

The following MP3 tracks can be downloaded by right clicking on the download Icon (Green Circled Down Arrow) and selecting “Save Target As” to denote a folder in your computer’s hard disc. Once completely downloaded open a CD writing programme and Select “Make Audio Disc” and drag the MP3 tracks for each CD in to the disc and write a Audio disc. The first 5 files for CD1 etc. to compile SIX Audio CDs.

CD1-0-Introduction  හැඳින්වීම


 CD1-1-  යමක වග්ගය Yamaka Wagga – Twin Verses  (verses 1-20)

CD1-2- අප්පමාද වග්ගය Appamada Wagga- On Earnestness  (verses 21-32)

CD1-3- චිත්ත වග්ගය Citta WaggaMind and Thoughts (verses 33-43)

CD1-4-පුප්ප වග්ගය Puppa Wagga – Flowers  (verses 44-59)

CD1-5-බාල වග්ගය Bala Wagga – Unwise  (verses 60-75)

CD2-0- හැඳින්වීම Introduction

CD2-6-පණ්ඩිත වග්ගය Panditha Wagga – The  Wise (verses 76-89)

CD2-7-අරහන්ත වග්ගය Arahantha Wagga – Enlightened Ones (verses 90-99)

CD2-8-සහස්ස වග්ගය Sahassa Wagga-Thousands  (verses 100-115)

CD2-9-පාප වග්ගය Paapa WaggaThe Evils (verses 116-128)

CD2-10-දණ්ඩ වග්ගය Danda Wagga – Punishments (verses 129-145)

CD3-හැඳින්වීම 0-Introduction

CD3-11-ජරා වග්ගය Jaraa Wagga -Old Age (verses 146-156)

CD3-12-අත්ත වග්ගය Atta WaggaThe Self (verses 157-166)

CD3-13-ලෝක වග්ගය Loka Wagga The World (verses 167-178)

CD3-14-බුද්ධ වග්ගය Buddha WaggaThe Awakened One (verses 179-196)

CD3-15-සුඛ වග්ගය Suka WaggaHappiness (verses 197-208)

CD3-16-පිය වග්ගය Piya WaggaPleasure (verses 209-220)

CD4-0- හැඳින්වීම Introduction

CD4-17-ක්‍රෝධ වග්ගය Koda Wagga- Anger (verses 221-234)

CD4-18-මල වග්ගය Mala WaggaDefilements (verses 235-255)

CD4-19-ධම්මට්ට වග්ගය Dammatta WaggaThe Just (verses 256-272)

CD4-20-මග්ග වග්ගය Magga WaggaThe Path (verses 273-289)

CD5-0-හැඳින්වීම Introduction

CD5-21-පකින්නක වග්ගය Pakinnaka Wagga Miscellaneous (verses 290-305)

CD5-22- නිරය වග්ගය  Niraya Wagga -The Downward (verses 306-319)

CD5-23-නාග වග්ගය Naga WaggaThe Pure (verses 320-333)

CD5-24- තන්හා වග්ගය Thanha Wagga -The Thirst  (verses 334-359)

CD6-00- හැඳින්වීම Introduction

CD6-25-භික්කු වග්ගය Bhikku Wagga – The Mendicant (verses 360-382)

CD6-26- බ්‍රාහ්මණ වග්ගය Brahmana Wagga- The Brahamin  (verses 383-423)

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